Julian Rouas was born in Nice, France and found a passion and a natural swing for tennis at a mere age of 7. He started playing tennis and went on to play professional and became ranked #600 in world. In 1994; Julian started coaching tennis to H.S.H. Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Stephanie for several years. Gained right from H.S.H Prince Albert to create and organize the Zepter Monte Carlo Celebrity Charity Golf tournament in 1995-1997. He also was coaching tennis to Kevin Costner and Sharon Stone at that time. Julian’s grandmother passed away when he was 16 years old. He was very close to her as she helped raise him. He realized that certain scents reminded him of his grandma, and wanted to know if there was a way to put the essence of who she was inside a bottle so he could smell her every time he wanted to feel close to her. The scents made him nostalgic of all the memories he had with her. He discovered that each and every one of us carry our own certain smell; a scent that we cannot detect.

Julian then decided it was his mission to capture memories for the world, so that we can take voyages back in time to cherish the scents of childhood memories and people we love from the past and present. Julian believes that the sense of smell is the most powerful memory trigger that can cause reflective responses almost instantaneously. We all have a memory or many that we would love to keep forever, remembering every detail in a flash. He revealed that we can capture special moments in time for anyone in a bottle. From that point on Julian Rouas wanted to dedicate his life to recapturing personal fragrances for everyone, everywhere.

Julian Rouas moved to Los Angeles, CA in 1995 from Nice, France. He then researched, designed and developed perfume and after shave for Rica Levis, which was just the beginning of his vision for creating and developing fragrances. He never gave up and continued to fight for his ultimate dream. In 1996 Julian Rouas founded fragrance retailer company; Perfume America with Guy Benhamou. Julian was in charge of designing the glass and scent called "Sharon" by Sharon Stone fragrance, Beverly Hills Gold, Vanilla Passion, glass design of original Davidoff fragrance, Cigar Fragrance, MC Sport, Facconable with the pump; under Guy Benhamou. From 1998-2000, Julian was the World Music Awards event organizer, in charge of bringing in sponsorship, and organizing celebrities to attend WMA such as Michael Jackson. He also became the national manager of 500 people for Huis clos windows company in France. Three years later, with his dedication, passion for scents and perseverance; we are selling online and are distributing every line of product to the correct market in the USA and nationwide using retail channels including department stores, perfumeries, country clubs, upscale hair salons, boutiques, pro golf shops, spas, specialty retail, duty free shops, cruise lines, travel retail and other upscale outlets, market chains, etc. “Every fragrance is a scent from a past time memory with a story”. To acquire a list of where we sell our fragrances; please send your request to