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Julian Rouas Paris is a world class; French luxury brand, manufacturing their own product line of pure eco friendly fragrances; which contain no water or alcohol. All packaging from the Julian Rouas Paris product line includes either vegan leather or environmental friendly packaging. Every fragrance from Julian Rouas Paris are created using only the finest and purest blend of essential oils of trees, bushes, plants, roots and flowers of the French Riviera, Tunisia and Morocco. Owner/CEO Julian Rouas states, “Julian Rouas Paris is proud to share our vision of moving into a more earth friendly and green conscious living by presenting our luxurious product line of eco-friendly French fragrances." Every fragrance from Julian Rouas Paris are created using only the finest and purest blend of essential oils of trees, bushes, plants and flowers of the French Riviera, Tunisia, Morocco, etc which are macerated to perfection. Julian Rouas Paris Inc. is associates with the perfume University of Paris called Osmotec, who have the most elaborate concepts to retrieve and recreate scents of the past using their expertise and years of experience. They have the ability to create specific designed scents for special niche markets and projects. The sense of smell is the most powerful memory trigger that can cause reflective responses almost instantaneously. The creation of the exclusive Julian Rouas Paris world- classy quality; signature collection of scents are conducted by master perfumier Joseph Rubino. His other clients include the famous Paris fashion houses of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dior, Givenchy, and Thierry Mugler, amongst numerous others.

Owner and FounderJulian Rouas of Julian Rouas Paris Inc. states; "The right blend of pure harmonious scent is all it takes to reawaken your senses.”. JRP Inc. products truly captures the consumer attention of today by mixing pop culture along to cultivate the classic elegance of French pass times. Julian Rouas ultimate goal is to help people around the world capture that moment in time which they thought was lost forever. “A fragrance for every moment”, There are fragrant elixirs for daytime, night time and for every special moment and pass time in your lifetime Whether you are looking to do a line of fragrances for selected stores or just your own personal signature line of fragrances; Julian Rouas Paris has the expertise and capability to take your vision and capture your special moment you want to recreate your special moment in. All elements from concept, research, creativity, design, production development, graphic design, photography, packaging, marketing, sales, distribution and launch are handled in-house.