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2016 Nike Lunar Force 1 Low Mens Shoes Blue White 654256-400 Online Cheap Sale You guys aren't one of those weird guys that have proscriptions on particular items of clothing are you? I know people who refuse to wear shorts, which boggles my mind. Why would you voluntarily remain more uncomfortable than you technically have to? Like, no one wears shorts at Fashion Week despite the fact that it's at least 80 degrees most days and none of the venues have adequate air conditioning despite NYC allegedly being one of the finest cities in the first world. Also, do you people realize how during these events there is absolutely ZERO personal space? ZERO. Like, you have to do that weird thing where your arm has to touch another human being's arm for a whole ten minutes? FUCK THAT NOISE. THAT'S WHY I'M THE GUY WHO SHOWS UP IN PURPOSEFULLY WRINKLED SHORTS AND A TERRY CLOTH TOWEL. Everyone looks at me funny, but then says the exact same thing: You look like the only person in here that’s comfortable. GRANTED, I'M NOT BECAUSE MY INTERNAL TEMPS RUN HIGH, SO I'M BASICALLY ALWAYS A LITTLE TOO WARM FOR MY OWN COMFORT. Then again, I do have on dope shorts like these EG joints .

Nike Roshe Run HYP QS Shoes Sales,